Business English Course

Business English Intensive Course


Course Details

  • 19 April 2020
  • Saturday-Sunday / 09:00-12.30
  • 4 weeks / 32 Hours
  • Boğaziçi Enstitüsü / Kadıköy

Course Weekly Plan


Week 1

8 Hours

Week 1 Content


Self-structure framework


Personality adjectives

Briefing job role

Magnify your content

Conversation starter technique

Using F.A.C.E methodology

Related vocabs/phrases

Week 2

8 Hours

Week 2 Content

Email writing tips

Font sizing and formatting

Email signature setting & formatting

Choosing email subject

Basic email useful jargons

How to write about any issue, idea or recommendation

Emailing protocols

Seriousness of email

Rolling out email for meeting

Week 3

8 Hours

Week 3 Content

Presentation preparation basic tips

3 ss technique

Body language and delivery

How to plot your idea/main content

What audience wants to see

How to address questions and interruptions

Setting up meeting

Setting up the tone of the meeting

Taking minutes of the meeting


Week 4

8 Hours

Week 4 Content

Meeting ethics

How to make your point in your meeting

How to express disagreement

Etiquettes of telephonic/video conference calls

Sharpen Interpersonal skills

Building rapport

Be amazing at work (bonus tip)

Who can apply

In today's corporate world often wars are won with self-confidence. There are several situations where your confidence stacked with some other essential skills enable you to nail your victory. Where does this confidence come from? What means/tools are used to boost up your confidence level? How to outstand among the crowd? What makes you favorite in the sight of management and other colleagues? How to cope-up with challenging situations? What's the role of effective communication in defining successful career track? Let's dive deep into it and find out answers to these questions in this course.

For those

Who are professionals working in a multi-cultural environment

Whose demands to communicate in English at least email writing in English is a must

Who coordinates with international teams or customers

Who presents something to management or client

Who wants to sound smarter at work

Etkili Sunum Teknikleri Sertifika Programı. Boğaziçi Enstitüsü.
Corporate Training Requests

Assisting organizations to enhance employee productivity and cognitive flexibility at work by educating them through functional training and workshops. Concurrently, beefing up the employees with improved communication skills, critical thinking and collective wisdom.

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